Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does BNM | Business Nirmanam helps people in making their search simple?
  • With BNM people searching for any kind of services or products from the local or global market can find it easily.
  • You can reach the business owner without any trouble.
2. How you can register your business with us?
  • Simply go the free listing page and login with Facebook, Google, or with Biznirmanam personal login system.
3. How do I list my business with BNM?
  • Click on the menu bar then,
  • Click on List my business,
  • After this you need to provide the details of your business.
4. How many Steps does BNM asks to fulfill to list our business?
  • There are 3 simple steps which need to fulfilled by the business owner after which only we can approve it.
5. Are all fields mandatory to be fulfilled at the time of registration?
  • Yes, to get your business approved with BNM | Biznirmanam you need to full-fill all the steps as provided by us.
6. What special features does BNM provides?
  • With us you can enjoy these free services
    • Free Advertisements
    • List your products for Sell
    • Reach unlimited customers with sharing on Facebook, Google, WhatsApp
    • Promote your business for free
7. We have special features for Students and teachers?
  • The Student Zone
  • With student zone you can share your experiences, doubts
  • Teachers can answer to your doubts easily
8. Categories of BNM | Business Nirmanam |
  • Medical
  • Education
  • Services
  • Construction
  • Shops and Showrooms
  • Foods and restaurants
  • Daily needs
  • Events
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